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Default Tages activation fails again

I've just spent two hours doing online forum searches for failed Tages activations, and call me naive but I'm absolutely astonished that this problem hasn't been resolved.

I'm having the exact same problem done to death in this thread from a year ago:


and a whole slew of others going back to at least 2007. How is it possible that Tages is still insisting it's a firewall problem? I'm not able to activate Gray Matter, which I just purchased the other day from the Adventure Shop, and all any of the forums say is that all I can do is sit around and wait for Tages to get their servers working again. Is this still true? Has anyone found a more current work around or update? Is there any insight into why they haven't solved a problem that's at least four years old?

If there's a new trick to getting my activation accepted, please let me know!
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Have you been anwsered by technical support?
If not, please send me a PM and I'll take care of it.


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Just posted about this too in the referenced thread. Damon, I also sent you a PM.

Rhip - no, no, no no, it's not like TAGES makes and distributes this softwear protection stuff for a living.....oh, they do? ....Well, it's not like it's a known problem to them that they've had a year to fix..... Hm? Oh it is? ......
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I don't know if you have this option, but when I ordered Tale of a Hero I got this notice with my order: "If the server doesn't connect, you have the option to copy and paste the Tages activation code into the game window."
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