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Default no activation code for Gray Matter

I purchased Gray Matter on March 16, 2011 (MST). I did not receive the Activation Code in the email or in My Account.

Please send the Activation Code for my Gray Matter purchase to [email protected]. My order details are listed below. Thank you.

Order Details

Purchase number: 1319878
Date: 17-03-2011 01:57
Debited to: [email protected]

Game: Gray Matter
Price: 29.99 USD
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Moved to Adventure Shop forum as this presumably relates to a purchase from them.
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Dear Alyssa,

I would like to suggest you the following.

Please log on to your account at The Adventure Shop.

Once you have accessed your account, click on the button "Show full game information" in the Gray Matter section.
You should see the activation key, or have the option to resend purchase email.

As per our system, the activation key has been sent to you yesterday.

Have fun,

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Default I have Acitivation Key but where is Activation Code?

I have the activation key but I keep being directed to a window that says it now needs the activation CODE. I haven't found that yet. Very frustrating. The KEY seems to be the serial number. When I go to the link that says manually activate program I get a window that says explorer is unable to open the window .

This is a bigger puzzel than in most games.

ANy suggestions?

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