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Default My Account Isn't Secure


Ok. Here goes.

Ages ago all of the games in my Adventure Shop account disappeared never to be seen again - although i was told that if i remember which games i downloaded and i wanted to play them that i could contact customer service and should be able to play them (really helpful - not).

I swore never to buy from them again, and yet i figured that i was just about bored enough to give them another chance.

So, i just log into my account and see Dracula3 which is the only game i have purchased since my account was wiped.

Fine, i want to purchase Rhiannon Four Branches. I enter my payment details and it just takes me back to the main page, so i go to see which games i have to see if the transaction occurred.

There are two other games there that i have never heard of - DRMOGR and LOUVRE - and there is also someone else's name and email address and DOB under my account info?!

I logged in using my own email address and password - what the hell is going on?! I have a secure computer... Windows 7, ESET and SuperAntiSpyware all updated.

Who the hell is [personal info removed]?

Please respond asap.

Last edited by fov; 12-06-2010 at 03:13 PM. Reason: removed personal info (presumably someone else's...)
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Oh and even though the Rhiannon transaction was successful, it isn't showing up in my games list.
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I removed the name and email address included in your post -- sounds like the shop has accidentally mixed up two accounts but I doubt that's the fault of the other customer involved! No need to have his name and email posted publicly.

We'll make sure someone from the Adventure Shop sees this and contacts you to resolve the issue. Sorry to hear about the problem!
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