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Default No download source found.

Hi - i just purchased a game, Art of Murder, and when i select the download link the page does not load.

At first it just continued to load with "waiting for" stated on the browser.

Now it loads but its just an empty screen.

I'm pretty miffed as the whole beauty of being able to download games is to be able to play them pretty much immediately when boredom sets in.

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Ok - just spent ages trying to get the metaboil download manager incase that helped, it didn't.

I have read about problems with 64 bit systems, which is what i have, but i have downloaded Adventure Shop games before on the system with no problems and i haven't changed anything.

I can't download any of my purchased games - it sucks.
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Hello LouiseK,

Could you please confirm that you have been answered by our technical support.
If not I will personnaly ask them to come back to you today.

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