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Default Trouble Paying...

Dear Sir or Madam,

Recently, I attempted to make a purchase with my debit card online and it was refused. I wished to buy a $14.99 game, namely Ankh, from When I attempted multiple times to buy from this site, it indicated that the transaction was refused. I was wondering if this had anything to do with your end of the business transaction or my banks. I have sent my bank a message about this trouble as well.

Looking forward to your answer back, found a lot of games I have been searching for on your site that I long to play, I just need to pay for them first!


David Rose

P.S.-I was using a Debit Mastercard.
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Default Update

Just tried buying Runaway 2. The same error as before, namely:

"Payment Refused.
Please try again."
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I was using Firefox and switched to Internet Explorer. No dice, same error.
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Dear all,

I want to apologize for this issue, but we faced technical problems with our billing system last week.
Everything is now running smooth.

In case of any problem, please address by mail our 7/7 online support.

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