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Default The longest Journey from the Shop Problems Crashing. I bough the longest journey from the shop (downloaded it and installed it) Vista Home premium video card is nvidia geforce 8600M gt

I am at the point in the academy and it goes into the movie of her painting. When it finishes it kicks me out and tells me Windows is trying to find a fix for the problem then it just says it can't and I have to close the program. I went out to find a patch and found them for the 2 disc and 4 disc versions but this was the online version from the shop so I didn't think they would help. There isn't a patch listed in the shop so I went ahead and tried the 2 disc version but it didn't help. Please help me figure this out. I'd hate to have bought something that I don't get to play

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This game is known for it's crashes...
I didn't find a solution myself... I just used savegames.
Don't remember where I found them.
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Default Longest Journey Crash

I've just bought and downloaded the longest journey and it's crashing in the exact same spot.

Same OS and Video card. Did you find an answer?

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Try hitting the ESC key during the movie sequences before they end. That should do the trick.


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I'll give it a go.
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I just had this problem the other day and found a solution in the Longest Journey website forums.
Here is the link to the post on that forum - you will need to download a replacement file for the painting cutscene (the file is damaged, I guess).

(You can use the escape option but then you lose a conversation right after the cut scene with April's best friend.)
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