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Cool Question about renewing download

My initial download of the game I purchased was interrupted when my cat decided the power cable was a play toy. I can't figure out how to resume my download. When I login to the store and go to "my downloads", the game that I purchased is there, but not clickable. Please help!
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Adventure Shop
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Hi Robbyn,

I want to thank you for purchasing a game from the Adventure Shop.
On the confirmation email that you received after your purchase, you should find the link to either resume your download or to restart it from the beginning.
In the case you can not find that link, I invite you to provide me the email address used for purcahsing the game, and the game purcahsed, and we'll send you a new download link.

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Default Downloading

Hi Damon,

Thank you for replying. I no longer have the confirmation email. The game is Secrets of Atlantis. I'll email the company. I appreciate your help.

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