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Originally Posted by LauraMac
Ok I been waiting and no one has said the "P" word yet.

No no not that one...

You have done roaches and even Bunnies which is really running the gamut of gaming. The release of Mojo Redux and all the noise has to have you thinking... so what project might be in mind right now?

Yeah you guys "project" [thatword] as in new stuff ... a new creative venture for the team Mojo Whats up?
I can't speak for the other jamokes but as far as I'm concerned I'd like to make another game. This time with proper funding and a realistic development schedule. Every game we've made (don't forget Iron Helix) was done behind the 8-Ball. We had an uphill climb throughout every game. We all got out of gaming because we were burnt and bitter and gaming took a different direction than we would have liked. Adventure games sort of died. Publishers didn't want to fund them. Investors were looking for huge hits with major wow appeal. I want to tell stories AND create intelligent, seamless gameplay. I want to tap into the vast market of non-gamers who might be interested in something a bit more mature, a bit more literate. If I want blood and guts I'll watch the news. If I wants tits I'll buy a Penthouse. But if I want an immersive world with a real story behind it, where can I go?

We have some ideas for a Mojo sequel we're tossing around, and of course I'd like to make BloodRunner, which is a game concept that Alex and I put our hearts into. We took the time to develop something right and wrote a game treatment BEFORE we did any production. But the time is right for a resurgence in adventure games, or games with more of a narrative structure to them. It's my goal to make something so incredible, so mind blowing, that even calling it a game would be to do it a disservice. I'd like to make an experience that does for gaming what MYST did back in the day, except make it so compelling and playable that it will crossover and appeal to all kinds of people. We can do that. We just never had the right backers.
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