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Originally Posted by Jackal
Sorry to dredge up the bad memories, but I gotta say, this is fascinating stuff. From our perspective (the outside), everything looks so clean and neat and shiny on the surface, and we rarely get a glimpse into the often-chaotic stories behind the games. That's why it's such a treat to have people like you guys come and share them.

I suspect people sometimes don't know what to ask, or are too shy, but I bet we're all lapping this stuff up greedily.

Argh! I'll have to pester Phill for this story when he gets here.

Dying to but can't? Or dying to but waiting to be asked? Consider it asked! Tell us about BloodRunner.

BloodRunner was going to be the greatest adventure game ever made. I learned a lot from Tim Schaffer and played all his games until I knew what made them good and what made them bad (though not much was bad). This was a game where the player was going to become a T-Cell in a living human body. This T-Cell was a tough private eye on the trail of a serial killer trying to escape the body by hijacking an unborn fetus. We described it as The Maltese Falcon meets Fantastic Voyage. We did 9 months of pre-production and conceptul design. I have hundreds of drawings of organic environments and characters and a game treatment ready to go. There are dozens of really cool characters and vehicles. It was going to be an epic. We went down to Dreamworks to pitch it and like fools, we left all our materials there for them to keep. Well guess what? A year later they made Osmosis Jones, an animated feature about a private eye who lives inside a body. Coincidence? No way. They ripped us off. But whatever. The movie was terrible. BloodRunner was going to be dark, gritty, chock full of twists and turns and a storyline that read like a noir thirller...all I need is a backer and we could make this game now and make it so much better than it was even dreamed of being because of newer technology. Know anybody interested in funding a great adventure game?
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