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Sorry to dredge up the bad memories, but I gotta say, this is fascinating stuff. From our perspective (the outside), everything looks so clean and neat and shiny on the surface, and we rarely get a glimpse into the often-chaotic stories behind the games. That's why it's such a treat to have people like you guys come and share them.

I suspect people sometimes don't know what to ask, or are too shy, but I bet we're all lapping this stuff up greedily.

Originally Posted by serpentbox
(A GREAT adventure game created by Phil Simon)
Argh! I'll have to pester Phill for this story when he gets here.

...began working on a new adventure game called BloodRunner which was influenced a lot by Grim Fandango (now that's a story I'm dying to tell).
Dying to but can't? Or dying to but waiting to be asked? Consider it asked! Tell us about BloodRunner.
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