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Originally Posted by Jackal
Saaaay, for a very informative answer, it teased as much as it answered...

Let's hear 'em!
Do I really have to tell you what I think about Take2? I better not. I forsee this haunting me. Take2 is a marvelous company, with much integrity and commitment to quality titles.

After Pulse merged with Drew Pictures, worlds collided. It was L.A. vs. San Francisco. And it soon became apparent that the Pulse technology was going to take some time to develop before it was ready for primetime. But like most game companies, we needed to ship titles fast. We did a huge deal with Acclaim and promised 3 games within a fairly short span of time. Going from a one game at a time development cycle to multiple games at a time ain't easy. We had three games going. Space Bunnies Must Die!, Presto, and Flux. Alex and I were sort of, let's just say, benched, during this time and began working on a new adventure game called BloodRunner which was influenced a lot by Grim Fandango (now that's a story I'm dying to tell). Anyway, after struggling for months to get these games out, Acclaim dropped us. They took a huge bath on the waning 16bit cartridge market and had to cut costs fast. Pulse was left holding the bag for three titles. And we didn't have the resources to do three titles. First we dropped Presto (A GREAT adventure game created by Phil Simon) and then we dropped Flux (or should I say, we spun them off to form their own independant studio after Microsoft picked up the tab). That left us with Space Bunnies. By then Drew Huffman was getting, uh, tired of working on games. He left the company to pursue his own projects. So that left Phil, Alex and I to finish Space Bunnies, and like idiots, we did...
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