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Originally Posted by Ninth
I'm more on the conservative side, but I guess the main reason for wanting AG to evolve is the want to see more audience, and therefore more money (=>quality - and I know this is debatable) involved. And thus to have the adventure genre flourish once again (or for once).
I myself see no reason why classical adventure couldn't share the market with more ambitious ones, innovative in a gameplay kind of way.
Damn. I was in a fighting mood but what Ninth said is so reasonable that I really can't say anything to refute it.

There's nothing wrong with having different types of games sharing the market. What I don't want happening is to have the traditional adventure games gradually phased out altogether. Let's face it, the suits in the gaming industry are not known for their intelligence (as displayed in the cancellation of S&M2). I can easily see the gaming industry in general making the decision on the genre that LA made on S&M2.
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