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I've never understood the desire for action sequences in adventure games. If I want action in my gaming, I will go and play action-oriented games not adventure. I don't want to start another "what is an adventure game" debate but I have to say one more time that if a game features many heavy action sequences then it just is not an adventure game no matter how adventure-like in other aspects it might be.

There are many good action/adventure games (eg Silent Hill, BG&E etc.), so if you want action with adventure then go ahead and play those. I never understood why people feel that adventure games need to evolve and feature things such as action elements. Games featuring these elemenst are already out there so why try to change the traditional P&C gameplay? Please educate me, why do you feel the need to have the adventure games to be more like BG&E when BG&E already is a game just like itself because it is itself. Er, that made no sense but I think you still get my point.

Would somebody (*winks to Trep*) educate an adventure-game-loving fool or just leave me in peace with my adventure games?
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