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Originally Posted by Intrepid
Really, it would be easy to do, but it's always been [mostly] badly executed because of the conventions. If you think that action is impossible in a point-&-clicker, you're wrong. RPGs and real time strategies have been doing it for years! Look at Neverwinter Nights, or Dune, or Command & Conquer: Generals. It also has to do with them not studying games from other genres, quite obvious.
I admire your optimism. You should bottle it and send me some as I seem to suffer from a severe defecit. Think about the fact that probably around 50% of action games, which are developed with ONLY action in mind, wind up sucking really bad or are at best passable. If action game developers don't get it right most of the time, what percentage of adventure developers are going to and still pull off a good story and puzzles also? Rather close to zero. They have tried for at least 20 years to do it, and have never truly succeeded without putting so much action in that it became an action-adventure instead.
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