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Ok, now I've finished the game, so here's my final opinion:
  • It's quite short.
That's the list of flaws.

The good things:
  • I've already mentioned the music, but it deserves mentioning a lot. It's great.
  • The characters. The main character in particular is lovely to be around. Just having him on the screen makes me happy, and that's a good quality of a player character.
  • It's funny. There were some occasions when I laughed.
  • For me, the puzzles were perfect. It probably means they're a bit too easy to many of you, but for me it was the perfect balance. I never was completely stuck, but I had a few moments where I got struck by the lighting bulb and got to feel clever. This is a rare quality in an adventure game for me.
  • Top notch graphics.

So in short, it does feel slightly expensive for its length, but on the other hand a DVD movie is about the same price, and no longer, so… I recommend it wholeheartedly (and hope the next chapter will be slightly longer).
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