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Originally Posted by JuntMonkey View Post
The big drop offs are pretty standard after the first couple of days. Remember that there will also be a surge in the last few days. And Jane's was in the doldrums until something clicked and it suddenly picked up steam.
Yeah, it looked very bad. But first she got a few very helpful mentions from the Leisure Suit Larry guys (in their video updates too), and then it was confirmed that she had secured funding for a second game. So pretty much everyone jumped to the $50 level to get both. I believe that was the thing that really sealed the deal.

I felt a bit pessimistic about Tex yesterday, due to the whole DRM-mess. Today I think things look better. Despite the large drop off in pledges (which is much more prominent than in most Kickstarters I've seen) there's been a pretty significant amount of money pledged so far and the halfway point is not _that_ far away. I'm also betting there will be some press coverage soon, with interviews et.c. on many of the larger sites. I mean, even Adventuregamers hasn't mentioned the Kickstarter yet, and it's very unlikely that they don't have anything planned.

I would probably advise against spamming the larger sites with mails about the Kickstarter. They most likely know about it. If you're going to mail anyone, at least do it in a polite way. The worst thing anyone can do is send mails in the style of "it's really disappointing that you haven't covered x yet" et.c. Be positive, not negative.
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