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Originally Posted by Monolith View Post
I loved both games...but I feel they were games born out of time. Both games need a proper introduction, tutorial, and less of a learning curve to play.

Remake please. Not re-release, they are already abandonware. Not to mention how flawed the game was because the gameplay was too advanced.

EDIT: Man I want to see a well done first person rpg in style of a graphic novel adventure. Modern visuals, complex gameplay, etc.
Yes, the learning curve was steep indeed. However this was part of the appeal for me. If there is to be a remake I fear it would hold your hand too much, which wouldn't suit the gritty, dangerous cyberpunk feel. The futuristic alien world SHOULD be hostile and confusing.

Would you believe the hardest part of the first game was finding my way around. I spent ages trying to find an area when I just needed to click on the side of one of the screens. Clearer entries/exits would be good.
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