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Originally Posted by Erwin_Br View Post
The Portal guys made a big mistake with canceling their previous campaign and setting up another one with an adjusted goal. That cost them a lot of their original backers.
But do you really think they could have made that impossible-looking goal of 900k? I remember checking out their page out of curiosity and they never got past 15-20k or so, if I remember correctly. To be perfectly honest, I think setting the goal lower was the only way they could ever stand a chance but even so nothing else seems to have changed much in their page. The pitch video is exactly the same, as far as I can tell, and so is most of the supporting material (which is well laid out, I must say, if perhaps a bit overloaded). Seeing as projects like Jensen's, Tex Murphy and the Space Quest guys are having a hard time reaching their (more modest) goals even having the nostalgia factor going for them, I cannot fathom how Portal 1986 is hoping to raise that kind of money. But then again I had not even heard of that game until now, so there may be something there that I am unaware of.
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