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Hey guys!

I've had quite a bit on my plate the last 4-5 days, so I hope I'm not possibly repeating anything here.

Just wanted to clarify/reassure: regarding the composition of the final product, Scott and Mark are taking an out-of-the-box approach with this, which is pretty exciting (they still have a solid vision of what they want to do, but they're experimenting quite a bit with some possible fan interaction (examples would be the death sequence voting and such). More importantly (I presume), for many of you: Only the prototypes/demos are/were being programmed in html5. A final decision for the coding of the finished game has not been decided. Regardless of which, the choice will provide for crisp, smooth gameplay (Scott and Mark have assured), AND they have clearly promised unique handdrawn background art, animations, and a fantastic multimedia experience as we have come to expect from any Space Quest Game.

The final game will be completely independent/standalone, bootable from your disk and NOT require Chrome nor any other browser.

Exciting news: For those of you who haven't heard the "closing comments" recording that appeared on after playing through the first prototype...

"We have definately been on the path of acquiring the Space Quest IP and we haven't hit a dead end in the road. No promises, but we definately have not given up." - Scott Murphy, May 8th, 2012

"Yeah... about that, we've definately looked into acquiring the Space Quest IP. That hasn't happened, but it's very much up in the air. It's not completely out of the question, but we are definately moving forward with the idea that we are doing a completely original space adventure. Know that whatever we do, it's going to be in the spirit of Space Quest absolute-lu, and it's going to have the humor that you guys have come to expect from us, as we've said over and over again, and we are gonna deliver on that. You can count on that." - Mark Crowe, May 8th, 2012
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