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Originally Posted by lewuz View Post
I think you are confusing something. Maybe the GG beta-iniciative is for chosen users, but if i remember correctly, it also meant u have to deal with adds and commercial if u join.
If we talk about BUYING, then I cant see anywhere NA only and I'm in Europe. As a matter of fact - the current publisher is Nordic Games (I believe they have a deal with dtp) and their home market is Scandinavia and Europe. The game is not listed in gamersgate.CO.UK site though, but maybe there is a workaround by forcefully working in .com environment.

marcd2011 suggestions are valid, I can back those up. But yeah, mods may not like one of those links...
Just recently this was discussed in some other thread. The previous link gives me blank page with note "Only available in North America." I can't find the game anywhere on the site. Last time there was discussion if it was NA only or not, and someone enlightened us that it's a bonus price for some signup.

The discussion was on the discount thread and the game is one of the Void slot games. This void thing then again is not available for anyone anywhere. Not to me at least.
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