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I agree with all of Jawa's points and with some other stuff that people have said here as well. I think Kickstarter is a brilliant idea, especially suited for niche products like Adventure games and since their developers are also offering extra incentives (rather low pre-order price, collectible goodies, various ways of participating in the production process etc.) I really can't see where the negativity is coming from. The only thing I find slightly irritating is perhaps that all of them are jumping on the KS bandwagon at the same time in order to take advantage of the current momentum but even that makes sense from a business standpoint (it's just unhealthy for my wallet )

Foinikas, I get the feeling that what bothers you is that growing up with these games you kind of "idolised" the creators as well as the industry and those "legendary" designers asking for money on KS kind of ruins your image of them. But the industry has changed radically since the '90s where they were superstars in a community of "nerds" and a new game by these people that could also do justice to their standards and reputation is not all that easy to pull off in the current market. So, give them a break and don't see this as begging for money or trying to fool people into supporting an abstract concept but as an opportunity for both parties to get what they were craving for for 10-15 years and perhaps ignite the fires once again and lead to a second coming of these talented oldtimers.
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