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There seems to be a lot of noise in the background, which spoils them a bit... "/
I was listening in on the recording as it happened, and no one could figure out what that was. They tried restarting the call but it didn't go away. The guy who helped clean up the audio (Luke from Just Press Start) thought it might be someone with a *very* sensitive microphone moving around in their computer chair. He did the best he could to clean it up - it sounded worse before his efforts!

Anyway - it's still a fun conversation, and there are some great behind the scenes tidbits. Between the conversation and the photos I think it's a super treat for GK2 fans. I loved hearing Dean and Peter's voices again. At one point when they were trying to figure out what was happening with the audio, Dean said my name and I just about swooned.

Not sure if this part has been posted yet - but Jane makes a comment about how Gabriel is known for his white shirt and blue jeans. Apparently white and blue clothing are off limits when you're using a blue screen! Which is why he ended up with a green shirt and black jeans. That was interesting to me, I never thought about it before...
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