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Originally Posted by zane View Post
like i said, perfect storm: combination of his fame in different genres, in different time periods, the support from notch, but also because it hadnt been done before, giving it a magical exception to the rule. And i guarentee you DFA wouldv been scrutinized like crazy if it wasnt "the breakthrough project." My proof? its still going to be scrutinized like crazy, except only after the game comes out.
Schafer is also a media darling with access to virtually unlimited free advertising. That's a big part of what allowed it to get as far as it did.
Originally Posted by VoodooFX View Post
So it now boils down to this, I really want both, I can only support one. Tex ismy choice, so I'm left without the other.
I split my pledge between both. If SpaceVenture fails, I'll double down on Tex.

I think a lot of people might do the same. SpaceVenture ends 3 or 4 days ahead of Tex and if it continues to stall, people might just move their pledges over to Tex, especially if it hasn't hit goal yet.
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