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Originally Posted by VoodooFX View Post
Someone in KS Fatigue thread, or was it here, don't remember, said it best.
As an adventurefan I want them all, I want the big boxes for my evergrowing collection, but just can't finance them all at once. And it feels like I'm missing out on something, and in all fairnes I am - AND it's driving me crazy.
High five! (I think )
I agree about the Two Guys, they really could've at least waited until Tex gets past the goal...

Originally Posted by Dienerstrasse View Post
DRM aside, I hope that Chris and Aaron will take the time to take part in the Kickstarter forum during their campaign. If you look at Jane, she's put in effort to maintain an active dialogue with her fans, which makes her (IMO) really likeable. I _want_ her to succeed, because she's a great designer, of course, but also a lot because she's nice and approachable. These guys are more elusive so far (which has only been one day, granted!), and therefore also come across as more aloof (even if that's not the case at all). If they make an effort to mingle directly with their backers a bit - if only to toss in a short message now and then to show that they're around and interested - I suspect their popularity will grow.

On the other hand, Jane is struggling to reach $400k despite all her video updates and forum posts, so what do I know...
I'm backing this notion (how much for a Collectors Edition?)

I think this is seriously needed asap, to get the positive excitement and momentum back. I wonder who is handling the communication right now, because for this whole DRM debacle, I'm afraid he/she deserves a bit of
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