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Originally Posted by mart View Post
I think the "Kickstarter fatigue" (see other thread) is a much bigger problem, which sadly also had its impact on Jane Jensen's project (for otherwise the funding might have been much higher, but it is just a wild guess).
Agree, the fatigue is really starting to show. And I really "hate" these teams for their lack of patience.
At least Chris and Aaron gave us a fix launch date a month in advance, so I could prepare and not spend money elswhere. Yet 2guys from andomeda decided to launch their project few days earlier. Sure, there was info about them considering this venue, but I've never seen a fix launch date.

So it now boils down to this, I really want both, I can only support one. Tex is my choice, so I'm left without the other.

Someone in KS Fatigue thread, or was it here, don't remember, said it best.
As an adventurefan I want them all, I want the big boxes for my evergrowing collection, but just can't finance them all at once. And it feels like I'm missing out on something, and in all fairnes I am - AND it's driving me crazy.
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