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Originally Posted by Dienerstrasse View Post
Yeah. You wish the people who were bitching the loudest about DRM yesterday will also be the loudest ones in spreading the word now that it's been cleared up, so that everyone they managed to convince negatively will see that they've changed their minds. But the cynic in me doubts that's going to happen.

I wish people would just wait for an announcement instead of jumping the gun and get hysterical in the forums before they even know what's true and false. When it comes down to it, we all want this thing to happen, don't we?
I agree with this.

I don't understand the whole issue in either DLC or DRM, they weren't that big of deals. At least I got the impression that the game was DRM free but if it's available on Steam it has to have the Steam DRM there, right? It's not the first game that's available in GoG and Steam for example. And there are people screaming and shouting and canceling pledges and pretty much exploding because they haven't been answered clearly enough in 30 minutes.

I don't like DRM either, nothing against some light DLC content unless there is actually reason to believe that without DLC the game would be unifinished (I don't know one game that would be so). But you can be upset and wait clarification before your pledges, of course. Just don't sabotage the kickstarter project with this kicking and screaming panic.
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