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Well, I rather be disappointed than to have no game at all, but that's just me In the end, I'm only out 50 bucks, which is nothing in the long run of my life. You feel passionate about Vampire, I feel passionate about Tex. If it comes down to who 'deserves' support, who gets to decide who deserves what? It's highly subjective and even though LucasArts is a huge part of my childhood, if I had to choose I would still pick a new Tex Murphy game because of all the fond memories they bring me.
Luckily, I don't have to choose, I get both and I'm smiling all the way to the bank. No magic or essence lost on my part, it's the best news I've had in years concerning adventure games.

If I'm disappointed, well, I guess I don't HAVE to play the game anymore, but at least I had a chance to make it a reality. Which is better than nothing.
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