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Originally Posted by Jawa View Post
Obviously, it's not weird to all the people who are pledging to these projects. Markets change, 10 years ago you had to buy all your games in a cardboard box in a store, and many of them you couldn't get a hold of at all. IMO this is a change for the better, but you are of course allowed to disagree. Seems people are more afraid of change than anything else, but if you can tell me any other reason why this is a bad thing, I'm ready to listen.

Embrace change

Why are trends bad?
Yeah markets change and I agree with that 100% it's actually a fact.But still that doesn't mean that kickstarter used by a lot of games creators is a good thing.I mean,yeah ok doe Schafer deserve it?Yeah,for 2 reasons: He's a legend and Lucasarts when it comes to AG games sank.But...if so many other creators start asking for money to make games that's like...HEY...we lost the essence here.Gaming companies are supposed to make games so that people buy them,people funding them not normal.Not necessarily bad but again,like I said earlier,if many people start asking money from the players to make the games they fancy,well wtf?

As for me the only case I would give some money for a game,would be if anyone decided to continue the Vampire the Masquarade games especially Bloodlines BUT AGAIN...what if me and thousands or hundreds of thousands funded it and the budget became gazillions of dollars and in the end the game was a complete failure or if I,who funded part of it was disappointed by it?Hmm..
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