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Originally Posted by Kolorabi View Post
Day 2 was terrible. I can't think of any big Kickstarter that had such a huge drop in pledges, even SpaceVenture had a much better day 2 than this. I am so upset with the anti DRM crowd right now, because of the stink they created. The last time Tex was killed by publishers, this time the internet activists may have been the ones to get him.
Yeah. You wish the people who were complaining the loudest about DRM yesterday will also be the loudest ones in spreading the word now that it's been cleared up, so that everyone they managed to convince negatively will see that they've changed their minds. But the cynic in me doubts that's going to happen.

I wish people would just wait for an announcement instead of jumping the gun and get hysterical in the forums before they even know what's true and false. When it comes down to it, we all want this thing to happen, don't we?

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