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Originally Posted by Oscar View Post

Nothing to say really. The first 5 are classics and are all great, and 6th was very disappointing and shouldn't even be considered a Space Quest game. The graphics on that one are criminally ugly. My copy of SQ5 lacked voice acting which I wasn't too happy with - if it had voices it might have made #1.
I didnt see it Thaaaaaaat Bad (the 6th) , actually it was a big shot. but anyways
i wonder if all agree on the 4th part to be the best of the series ,that means if i asked about KQ's all will agree on the 6th part .. it seems that most of previous order based on the success of the game not the personal experience with them .. as how did feel not upon some Magazine ratings or review , or number of copies sold ...

i have Chosen the 3rd part only because it was one of the reasons that hooked me up with Adventures the improvement at the time right after the 1st and the 2nd were out it was very encouraging for me ,
SQ1 & 2 KQ 1,2,3 looked so lame , its only after SQ3 and KQ4 and their upstanding graphics and the output that pushed right me in.
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