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Well, most of the fundraisers give you a free copy of the game and a lot of other free stuff when you support them So you could look at as a way to give the power to the consumers. We get to choose what games are made, and to show our support to the franchises we love in the process.

The Tex Murphy fundraiser is the only one I have backed, and to be quite hones, I'm not sure a new Tex game would ever have been made if a fundraiser wasn't started. So I'm glad to get the opportunity to bring it back. I try to see it as a way to preorder the game. I pay a few measly bucks, and for that I get 5 old games(costing more than I donated if I were to buy them online) AND a brand new game that I have been waiting for for 15 years. Plus a lot of other cool stuff.

Kickstarters aren't such a bad thing after all, they empower small, independent developers and consumers and give us the chance to keep old classics alive that would otherwise be left gathering dust in a drawer somewhere. If you don't wish to pledge, it's totally up to each and every one of you. I really don't see what the problem is.
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