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I didn't want to create another Kickstarter thread, but this seems to be the only "general discussion" thread on the topic.

Anyway, I have a strong feeling Jordan Mechner is cooking up something. Maybe not a sequel to The Last Express, but perhaps a new adventure or action-adventure. I really think we'll see him on kickstarter by the end of the year, but I would think that the adventure game community is tapped out at least through the summer.

Double Fine blew the whole thing open. Jane has met her goal. Larry made it. Tex looks like he'll make it. Spaceventure is difficult to judge at this moment but the fans will come through by the end. Then there are the non-adventures like Wasteland 2 and Shadowrun Returns, among others.

This has simply been the most exciting few months for adventure games that I can remember. It is literally the revival we've been waiting for. I don't think adventure games ever died. Mainstream developers and publications simply focused more on other genres, but we kept the spirit alive and so did the dedicated developers. Now we don't need to care about all those publisher and business roadblocks. The developers don't need to pitch their ideas and make promises about sales. They can simply interface directly with the fans and provide the product they envision in their own preferred fashion.

I'm a bit overwhelmed, too, and I've had to restrain myself from higher pledge tiers that sound so enticing. However, this is all going to pay off in the long run. And with Jane creating her own studio, we may see this type of funding move beyond kickstarter.

Enjoy it, fellow adventure gamers. This is truly a special time. It saddens me to see the various negativity around some of these projects. Constructive criticism can be helpful, but some of the discussions degenerate into what I equate to the entitlement that many of the other gaming communities exhibit. Let's be civil, let's be excited, and let's all agree that the future of adventure games is bright.
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