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Originally Posted by Kurufinwe View Post
1. SQ5. The only SQ game I really, really like, probably because it's the least spacequesty of the bunch. Apart from the maze, it's a great game, with an interesting story and many endearing characters among Roger's crew.
2. SQ4. A few obnoxious sequences, but the story is intriguing and the time travel part fun.
3. I was going to write "SQ3", but then I remembered about all the part at Scumsoft, which was dreadful. So let's say "the first half of SQ3".
4,5. SQ1, SQ6? I have no emotional response whatsoever when thinking about SQ1, so I guess it didn't make me angry, but I certainly didn't enjoy it either. As for SQ6, the biggest feeling is that something constantly felt off about it (despite the puzzle design being less obnoxious than in most previous instalments), though I can't quite put my finger on what that was.
666. SQ2. There should be a special hell for whoever had a hand in that abomination. Strong contender for Trashiest Sierra Sequel Ever (though I don't think anything can beat KQ2 in that category).
Wow, almost exactly my thoughts. I don't find SQ unfunny or bad - the series just don't appeal to me much, since there's not much personality to them, and I was never a fan of Star Wars/Star Trek kind of sci-fi to enjoy the parodies. Still I rate SQ1 higher than SQ6, and I can safely say now that Space Quest: Incinerations is my second favourite Space Quest.
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