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Originally Posted by subbi View Post

Just stop it already with the fanboyish act.
Oh man. Sigh.

If people cannot speak up anymore on these forums regardless of tone of voice without being addressed directly to change their message, then what's the whole point of having these forums in the first place.
No idea what the tone of your posts were like, but when I read through this thread I sensed a lot of negativity. Many comments basically varied between "man that video was shit" to "bah I never liked Space Quest anyway". If you think the latter then what the hell are you doing in this thread, if the former, I contest that most people could have been more constructive with their criticism.

It's not easy to put together a slick video after 20 years out of the scene. All I'm saying is that we should give these guys a break and see what they can do. Judge them on their past performance, not on their PR efforts.
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