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Originally Posted by Adventurere No.1 View Post
i know it can be described like fairly difficult puzzle but, puzzle like these would oblige that narrator not to lure you away from the correct solution at least if not giving a hint like it not a good time to push the rock now , or something like wait for the right time but luring you away from the correct action that so unfair.

i just replayed this game little while ago that why my post sounds tempered especially that i remembered that when i 1st played it more than 10 years ago this was the only puzzle that i couldn't get past without a hint (there was nothing called a walkthrough back then).

at last great detailed order you have mentioned above .
Thank you
You just reminded me about that puzzle, and how frustrated it made me Still, I think that the game had mostly logical puzzles on the whole. Space Quest is also my fav Sierra series, and really my fav adventure game series The only one that might come close, would be Quest for Glory.
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