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Originally Posted by Chrono-Serge View Post

Space Quest V: The Next Mutation – I almost put this higher on this list, because it is a very memorable game in many respects, and very fun, but it has a different feel from the first four. The storyline is very interesting, and easily the second best that the series has to offer, and the characterization is a big leap over the others, especially for Roger. I like this aspect, and I wish the rest of the games were like this one in that sense. The puzzles are also well designed and logical, but I just didn't fine them as much fun as in the other games for some reason. I also feel that this one is considerably less funny than the first four, although it does have its moments, and it may just be because of the heavy focus on Star Trek spoofs .
WAOW are a really Roger Wilco Fan ... and as for The Next Mutation as you said it feel different than whole series , puzzles are at the hardest of them ALL (imo) and i guess it somehow relates to Scott Murphy's disappearance in this one and Mark Crowe takes it all on his own, also working under Sierra's sister company Dynamix meant a big change in the team and the crew whom were involved in the previous Episodes.

anyhow this one should have been the best of them all but it felt like when David Finsher took Aliens 3 (Movie) case into another direction or theme ,

i am not sure about the core of the previous example and if it really explains anything ....

but anyways something you said about Logical Puzzles so what about that one when you have
to wait for that android to enter the lower cave entrance to be able to get Roger up the hill to push that big rock on him
the narrator all the time says you cant stay in one place for long time and you are actually running from a killer android , so how on earth would think that you 1st should
wait for his appearance run into the lower cave and not enter the upper but to wait for it to appear beneath you and ...BoooM!

i know it can be described like fairly difficult puzzle but, puzzle like these would oblige that narrator not to lure you away from the correct solution at least if not giving a hint like it not a good time to push the rock now , or something like wait for the right time but luring you away from the correct action that so unfair.

i just replayed this game little while ago that why my post sounds tempered especially that i remembered that when i 1st played it more than 10 years ago this was the only puzzle that i couldn't get past without a hint (there was nothing called a walkthrough back then).

at last great detailed order you have mentioned above .
Thank you
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