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Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers – I feel as though this game is the pinnacle of the series in most aspects. The biggest standout is the storyline, which is pretty epic and dark compared to the other games, while still being hilarious, and I especially enjoyed the time travel aspect. I do not mind the irreverent storytelling of most of the Space Quest games, but this was a nice change of pace from the very random story of the previous installment. Beyond that, I also think that this game is the funniest one yet, and has the best puzzles of the entire series. It is also the first one to have voice acting Gary Owens! The only downsides are the loss of the text parser (personal taste) and that some of the arcade sequences are near impossible on newer machines, without a bit of tinkering.

Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon – The storyline is quite random, and in my opinion, weak, and like the first two games, it's pretty short. However, the game just oozes atmosphere and charm, thanks to some great art direction, and a very memorable and kickin soundtrack. The puzzles are also clever and well designed, being second behind SQ4. I also feel that this game expands upon the larger world of Space Quest, and sets the tone for the series as a whole.

Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter (EGA) – I'm not just putting this here, because it is the 1st, but because I just really love this game. I still find this game to be funny after all these years, even though it is a bit lighter on humor than the other games. I like the puzzles, and I found the timed elements to be quite fun It has a very simple structure and it is quite short, and I can easily breeze through it in an hour, so I boot this game up every now and then, when I'm bored.

Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge – I think that this one has some very clever and enjoyable puzzles, and I would put the puzzle design just about up there with SQ 4 and 3. The storyline and characterization are a bit of a step up from the first game, although it is still pretty simple and direct. It has some clever scenes and sequences, and some enjoyable timed puzzles. It also marks the first time that we see Roger's arch nemesis face to face

Space Quest V: The Next Mutation – I almost put this higher on this list, because it is a very memorable game in many respects, and very fun, but it has a different feel from the first four. The storyline is very interesting, and easily the second best that the series has to offer, and the characterization is a big leap over the others, especially for Roger. I like this aspect, and I wish the rest of the games were like this one in that sense. The puzzles are also well designed and logical, but I just didn't find them as much fun as in the other games for some reason. I also feel that this one is considerably less funny than the first four, although it does have its moments, and it may just be because of the heavy focus on Star Trek spoofs .

Space Quest VI: The Spinal Frontier – I like this game as a whole, but I think it just misses in a lot of areas for me. The puzzles start off good, but later on, they just seem to get too random and illogical. I think that the story line is decent, but a step down from the previous two games. It is funnier than SQ5, although it didn't make me laugh as much as the first four . I think that there was some behind the scenes trouble at Sierra at the time, and some late game creative team swapping, which probably effected the final product. It is still worth playing, and an enjoyable game overall, but definitely the least in the 6 .

Edit: I should say that SQ6 IS a funny game I just mean that the humor is a bit different, which is probably due to lack of much involvement from the two guys. It's not quite as funny as the first four, but it did make me laugh .

There is also a VGA remake of SQ1, but I still prefer the EGA version, even though this one has some nice art design . I didn't list the fan games, because they are not cannon (with the possible exception of SQ2 VGA, since the story is identical). Most of them are pretty great though, so anyone should check them out, if you haven't already

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