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on the subject of concept arts:

these are mock-ups of Tales of MI concept arts, trying to convey the "Curse" art style.

Apart from the fact that we know Telltale is making 3D games, the "concept arts", as they are, could easily fit in the final game if it was going to be 2D instead of 3D - it would "only" take additional animation.

So, i see nothing wrong in saying - i'd wish the final game looked like that piece of concept art!

Moebius art is crisp and nice, and mysterious looking. But i see a bit of a trend with newer 2D games (like MI Special Editions) - in lack of better words - they're somehow "flashy". Like parts of it, colors mainly, were done with software brushes instead of a hand-painting. Like, they're almost "too clear" or perfect. That's why i thought original Monkey Island art, even though it couldn't match the resolution of the SE still had that bit of an artistic impression edge. But even if Moebius looked like this, it wouldn't be bad, and i can't wait to see more of it.
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