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More details about this weekend's playthrough:

One of our CSG members, Laura, is hosting a 24-hour GK play marathon. She'll be playing GK1, GK2 and GK3, live, starting FRIDAY MAY 11 at 3pm EST. Here's the link:

You'll be able to watch the playthrough and join chat. The playthrough will be raising money that will be split between this kickstarter project and the charity of our choice, ASPCA.

Robert and I will be joining in for the first hour or so and checking in periodically throughout. I hope you'll tune in to cheer on this monumental display of will power and sheer physical strength as Laura submerges herself non-stop in GK land for 24 hours, and all without food, sleep or potty breaks. OK, she will have food and potty breaks, but it's still impressive!
It also looks like GK will be the Double Fine playthrough for this week, it won the poll by a large margin!
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