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@ shezcrafti I guess your referral to the word concept is some kind of a joke, for otherwise it would be silly.

@ Lhurgoyf
I agree. Fortunately there are quite some developers – see some recent and some announced games - who realize that there are gamers who prefer “2D games”, at least games with 2D backgrounds.

There's not a big problem of course when 3D software is used to create the backgrounds, for they can come close to the concept art. I think 3D games with pre-rendered backgrounds also look better than full 3D adventure games. I only know a few real-time 3D adventure games that look better than the usual ones, but they never come close to the 2D ones (imho).

But this has been the subject of many threads. Let's hope Moebius will a great success! Warn some of you friends for the last time (so they become backer).

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