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Originally Posted by Fien View Post
What's with that voice actors lot anyway. Is that woman with the idiotic look on her face really the voice of Gladys? I wish I could somehow unknow that piece of information.
She's acting..

I have to say, the pitches by the voice actors were my favourite thing in the video, I liked that three of them really tried to make their video funny and show off their voices (even though I didn't think Rob Paulsen managed it that well).

Other than that I wasn't really impressed, I also haven't played the original space quest games, and I'm not a big fan of humour games, so there has to be a bit more to get me onboard. A pitch, a protagonist, something interesting about the game itself.

At the moment it feels like "back us, we're awesome and we love you guys, so. much, so we're going to make a great game for you because we are awesome and you are awesome!!"
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