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The Two Guys most certainly are back together, and if you have any doubts, I suggest you view the kickstarter video and see the professionals they have already lined up (whom are thrilled to be onboard), including none other than the original Gary Owens. As Chris Pope ('media expert' with experience working for Disney, Blizzard, and others) attests, their company is legitimate and verifiable, their chemistry is back to what it was when they were at their prime in the Sierra days, and they are capable of making great things happen.

They've got a blast full of ideas in store for this upcoming SpaceVenture, so come on and pledge a little through their kickstarter! They're promising some AWESOME rewards for doing so! They can do the game for $500,000.00, but in order to achieve their idea to the fullest, they want more. Feel free to also check out the JT (Janitorial Times), as it's more active than it has ever been in ages.
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