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I really want to pledge to all these adventure game projects from legendary creators, but I have a big problem with this. The kickstarter campaign is (again as many others) too vague. Jane Jensen started vaguely too, but after several updates, I have pretty clear image what is her vision. I know literally nothing about Two Guys as of now. I never played Space Quest so I don't know what to expect. The pitch video and the lengthy description doesn't help at all. For gods sake, if they're doing the fund raising, why they don't have something concrete - the outline of a story, the background concept art, character concepts, just something... For me it's really critical to see what kind of graphics it'll be used (hand painted or crappy 3D renderings). I don't know if their humour will appeal to me (just tell me if it's kids or adult oriented, compare it to some other games - is the humor like in Monkey Island? If yes, that'll be great!) Just give me something to grab on!
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