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Originally Posted by Panthera
There were some small things I reacted to;
I felt the Hulk went from "no control" to "fully in control" without any explanation, a few plot-leaps and Loke didn't have much personality or much of himself left, he was kinda reduced to a power-hungry henchman. Also, I hate Jeremy Renner. I felt he over-acted and didn't bring much to Hawkeye to let him grow into a big part of the Avengers team. For my part he could have stayed evil..
I agree with the Hulk being suddenly and inexplicably in control. He should've been in control the first time in this film, imo. That was basically what they were already going for with the 'The Incredible Hulk' movie.
Didn't have a problem with Loki (because I liked Hiddleston's performance), or with Renner, though.

Question for the comic-fans: isn't Cobie Smulders too 'nice' for her role as Maria Hill?
Not that I mind, though, because Smulders is gorgeous...

Originally Posted by gray pierce
Went to see Headhunters(Hodejegerne) this weekend. Fantastic movie!
Agreed! Yellow Bird Productions ("we turn bestsellers into blockbusters") makes great films...
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