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Going off on a bit of a voice acting tangent. In my opinion, speech hurt adventure games for the most part. In the old days when you were just reading, a lot was left up to your imagination. Reading also engages your mind to a greater extent than listening to voice acting does (unless the voice acting is very well done, which it usually is not).

The main character actors from a couple of specific "classic" '90s comedy adventure game series are so mediocre and bland (as is almost every actor in most games, not just adventure), I can't understand why people say things like "if they revive [X series], they MUST get [X mediocre voice actor] to voice the part again!"

When you're staring at a static screen watching people talk, interesting well-acted voices are vital. That's why, to me, GK1 is the best voiced game I've ever played. Perhaps there are other games with technically "better" acting, but there is so much personality in almost every voice in GK1 that it overrides any possible issues with over-the-top accents.

The only other games where I can say for sure that I truly loved the voice acting were Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City.
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