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Originally Posted by Collector View Post
As I have noted before, I have noticed that most (not all) of the people that complain about Virginia Capers work in GK1 are not American and may not be as familiar with New Orleans. You have to keep in mind that there is no universal Southern Accent. Louisiana in particular has several different accents or dialects, including Creole, which is perfectly appropriate for a story involving Voodoo.
I have no problem with the dialect, she sounds like she's actually from New Orleans and not putting on a show, I have a problem with how she reads her lines. If she had some normal conversational readings in-between the dramatic ones, but when she insists on making every little observation the most dramatic and spooky thing she has ever seen, she just makes me really tired.

I don't understand why "I don't like how she reads her lines" translates to "I have no clue what a New Orleans dialect sounds like and think she's being stereotypical"..
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