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These I absolutely love:
  • Joe King (Flight Of The Amazon Queen) - Really wide selection of colourful and splendid jokes and positive humour. One of the best characters ever done.
  • Martin Holan (Ni.Bi.Ru) - Warm and emotional guy, whose boots are exceptionally easy to step into.
  • George Stobbart (Broken Sword series) - Thoughtful, humorous and still easy to take seriously. Simply a classic adventure character.
  • Darren Michaels (Black Mirror 2,3) - See Martin holan.
  • Joey Malone (Blackwells) - Really cool guy who is nasty in a positive way. And it is something remarkable, and difficult to achieve.
  • Rincewind (Discwolds) - And pretty much all characters in those games! - One word: "To-laugh-to-die-humour"
  • Mata Hari (Mata Hari) - Interesting historical character and exceptionally well rounded in the game.
  • Shopkeeper (from Monkey Island 1) - This is a rare example of an annoying character that succeeds to be positively annoying.
  • John Russell (Undercover: Operation Wintersun) - Peaceful and calm character and refreshing difference from the norm.
  • Flux (Toonstruck) - His tongue-in-cheeck-humour is simply something undying.
  • Sam & Max (Sam & Max - Hit The Road) - Exactly same notes as for Flux.

Nobody asked, but I would like to list also the characters I furiously hated:
  • Joshua (Runaway-series) - and this is the crystal clear winner. In every possible way, he is the most annoying yap ever digitally produced!!!
  • Tim (Alter Ego) - Emotionless and simply every way un-interesting and wooden character.
  • Nicole Bonnet (Art Of Murder-series) - This idiot doesn't touch anything until her life depends on it.
  • Adam Reichl (Next Life) - how can anyone be this DUMB?
  • Sunny Blonde (So Blonde) - Do I really need to explain?
  • Liz and Dan (The Next BIG Thing) - Really annoying nagging towards each other
~Flight Of The Amazon Queen - Best adventure ever~

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