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Originally Posted by A.A View Post
I'm curious to know if it's something OTHER than Grey Matter 2 though. I hope it is GM2, personally, but if it's not, what could it be? She should start putting out hints on her facebook page again like she did pre-kickstarter.

Ahh...this is too damn exciting!
It's something completely new. It's not GM2, because, well, it wouldn't be advertised like this (first voted "out", then being "Mystery Game X"), and she's mentioned a few times that there is also another project she would like to do (well, many, but the one she talked about originally as doing one of those on the list and then one other that she has been planning).

Besides, didn't she say in the video something about being a completely different (full) game?

I do really hope GM2 also comes soon, though! Nevertheless, I'm just extremely excited about all the full games she's making, new or sequel Can't recall a single writer as talented and skilled as her in the industry!

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