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Originally Posted by MaFratelli View Post
I think people are a little too snowed-in on GK for their own good. I personally think Jane is trying hard to get us excited about what other things she can and will make rather than having the bunch of us just sit here and sigh dreamily and think back on what she has done in the past. She's having a mighty difficult time succeeding with that, though, because as soon as she says anything a little vague to build suspension, people automatically go "A-hah!! GK!!!!". Which then spoils it when they find out what she actually did mean with her vague statement, and get disappointed.
I completely agree. But then I've never understood the interest for sequels. I will see/play sequels and series (to a degree, Ice Age 5 is just idiotic, I didn't want to see any more of that series after nr. 3), but I've always preferred new ideas over continuations of old ones.
I make an exception for trilogy's and clearly defined series, like Harry Potter, where the writer/maker obviously had a series planned out from the start, and a plot line extending over several releases. But for me that is "one" work of art, not a line of sequels, like so many of the games and movies that come out now are.

I'm playing through Gabriel Knight 1 for the first time now, so I don't have the nostalgic feelings for the series that others have, but still with a series like Syberia, which I absolutely adored and have played several times, I never felt a need or a wish for a third game.

And since this is my first time commenting on this thread, I will say that the announcement of the second game was what was needed for me to bump my pledge up to 56.66$. I was considering it before, but 50$ was a bit too steep for me to only get one game.

As for the discussion of voice actors, I have nothing to compare with, but so far I'm hating both Gabriel and that horrid narrator. I'm so close to turning her off, but feel like I'll miss out on a part of the game. She keeps reading every. single. line like it's the most dramatic part of her script!

I'm assuming Gabriel is supposed to be an anti-hero, but I've never liked the "I'm so awesome everybody loves me" type of person that is demeaning to women and takes advantage of his friends. The shining lights for me has been Grace, who is awesome, snarky and well-voiced, and his grand-mother, who is adorable.
The way Gabriel say "just tell me anything" is seriously creepy, and I find it awkward that he uses the same sensual voice no matter who he says it to.

But then, I'm only on day 3 now, I'm taking it slow, doing one day at a time.
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