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Originally Posted by Arial Type View Post
I just watched this video and got a little worried. It turns out Jane is outsourcing her games in Russia? Not very promising, since the Russian gaming business is in a bad state today. Even more, the developers from Signus Labs specialize on casual and flash games in social networks exclusively. How on earth are they planning to make a fully functional adventure game?
I have to admit I got a bit hesitant, too, when I saw this.
On the other hand she'd hardly be able to make a game with that kind of money at all, if she had to pay a western development team, which could screw up, too. Especially if she had to go with an inexperienced one.
Those guys at least have some projects under their belt and probably are eager to prove what they can do.
I also like the fact that Jane plays with open cards in this regard and doesn't try to hide them away, like other people would have done.

But still it's a risk and a completely different situation than with Double Fine, where I have an almost blind faith in the development team. Blind indeed, because at the end of the day I don't know that much about them. But they have the money, a track record, and Tim Schafer has actually been the head of a real company for quite some time now.
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